There’s nothing better than doing something you love for a living.

And you know what? I’m not just talking about taking photographs. What I love doing is making the couples I work with happy. I love capturing their lives, showing humanity, love and soul in my pictures. Recording those moments that mean so much but pass by so quickly. Photographing people is my passion and the only thing better than spending an entire day surrounded by happy, nervous and emotional ones is getting to capture it for the future. Nothing beats it!

Being able to see and record those tiny moments that we all usually miss in our day to day lives is both a privilege and a joy. I started out taking photos as a hobby about 20 years or so ago (I started young!) and since then have become a very happy full time photographer. I’m a ‘Fearless’ award winner, have been nominated as one of the 5 Best Wedding Photographers in the UK by Wedding Ideas magazine and have also been invited to Junebug Wedding’s prestigious ‘World’s Best Photographers’ list.

Before becoming a professional photographer I spent 10 years working for the BBC, filming and directing documentaries. I was very lucky and got to travel the world, climbing mountains and sailing down the Amazon – and I learnt a great deal about story-telling, about recording events without becoming a part of them, about observing what happens and always being ready to capture that crucial moment. And that unique experience is what I bring to your wedding. I document your day in an unobtrusive, relaxed and natural way.

Your wedding is one of the single most important days in your life. It’s about you and your families, about two people coming together and committing themselves to one another. I think you should be free to enjoy the day, to soak up the atmosphere and to spend time with your friends and family, safe in the knowledge that it is all being recorded for you and for the generations to come.

I’m incredibly lucky to receive enquiries up to two years in advance for popular dates so if you like what you’ve read and seen here then the next step is to say hello, tell me a little about your wedding and then you can have a look through my full wedding brochure with lots more information about how I work, what you get and what it all costs.



We did as you suggested and looked through the photos together tonight (with a bottle of wine) … they are absolutely wonderful!!! We were blown away by the slideshow and then we got to look through all the photos … amazing! Thank you so, so much for documenting the day so brilliantly. We can’t wait to share them with everyone! We really can’t thank you enough – it’s an incredible thing you do. We genuinely enjoyed having you with us on the day and we will treasure these photos forever.

Katy & Dean