I know I say this every year, but being a Bristol wedding photographer means I absolutely love January because I get to cosy on down and choose the images for my highlights from the last year of photographing weddings in Bristol, Somerset and elsewhere throughout the UK. And this year is no exception – it’s been such a joy getting to relive all those days all over again.

This year saw the last of my covid-postponed weddings (you did it guys, well done!!) and a whole bunch of other couples getting married too. ‘Busy’ doesn’t quite convey just how many glorious weddings I got to go to, but it was 100% worth it – the joy of seeing couples who’d waited 2-3 years and gone through multiple date changes finally getting to have the wedding they wanted was really something. And I think the song really conveys that, so if you’ve not seen the video yet then definitely make sure you watch it before scrolling through all the photographs below.

Being a wedding photographer in Bristol is a dream come true. I have had the opportunity to capture the most beautiful moments of so many happy couples this year. From intimate ceremonies to big weddings with hundreds of guests, I have been able to document each and every emotion that goes into a wedding.

The love between two people getting married is something that I am passionate about capturing. Every single wedding has its own unique story and it’s my job as a photographer to tell that story through my lens. This year has been an amazing journey of documenting different kinds of weddings throughout the UK.

So I just wanted to take this opportunity to say a big thank you to all the couples who choose to work with me – it’s something I’ll never take for granted. Getting to be a part of these intimate moments of people’s lives is a privilege and one that I don’t take lightly. Being able to discretely document these days is an absolute honour and capturing people in the midst of those emotions – love, nerves, excitement, joy – it’s gold.