One of the highlights of my year is always selecting the images for my round up from the last 12 months of shooting weddings in Bristol, Somerset and beyond. It’s January, it’s cold, grey and wet outside. But I’ve had the loveliest few days combing through tens of thousands of photos from my 2021 weddings to show you. It can’t help but make you feel all warm and fuzzy. And so here are my 2021 highlights from the year that weddings came back.

Getting married in 2021 wasn’t always the easiest thing to do – we had various rules come and go (6, 12, 30 people allowed) and I really felt for those couples (who’d been planning for a couple of years already) every time the papers started talking about changing restrictions a month or two before their weddings. But we made it. We got there in the end. And that’s how a lot of my 2021 weddings felt. Some of them rescheduled two or three times over. Guest lists slashed, then increased. Plans changed, then changed again. And through it all the importance of celebrating the day, with those closest to you, superseded everything else. It was a year of people letting loose on the dancefloor, enjoying those hugs even more than they had previously, and generally just embracing the day with 100% of their energy, love and joy.

So this year I’d just like to say well done. We made it. I know it wasn’t easy, but you got there in the end. There’s a line in the song I picked for the video – Oh my god lord what a feeling, all this joy I’ve been stealing – which perfectly sums up how I felt making this. Well now I’m giving it back – enjoy!