Apparently 300 million pictures are uploaded to Facebook every day. 300 million. Every day. That means that every two minutes we take more photographs than the whole of humanity did in the 1800s. Who knows quite where this is going to lead, but it’s definitely an interesting time for anyone who is involved in telling visual stories. While I’ve been going through this year’s weddings selecting images for my best of 2014 post, I’ve noticed that one of the things that has been really notable this year is the ‘selfie’ phenomenon. Whether it’s brides and grooms doing it just after they’ve said their vows (See Chris and Nina from their wedding at The Tunnels Ilfracombe below) or just guests having fun during the reception, there’s definitely been a noticeable increase in how many times I’ve seen (and captured) it. And I love it. It’s fun – it can provide a great photo opportunity in itself but I think it also shows that people are getting more and more interested in the visual image and more aware of the importance of capturing memories. It also makes documentary wedding photography even stronger – the importance of capturing people as they really are, whatever they’re doing is greater now than ever. So let’s celebrate the selfie :)

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