Here’s an extended preview from Millie and Alex’s awesome wedding on Dartmoor last month. I’ve had a fantastic year so far, 2014 has been amazing – more weddings than ever and a really busy summer. So busy in fact that I am absolutely, positively failing to blog anything at all. Sorry folks, but that’s life I guess. I’ve been focusing on shooting and editing everyone’s images and making sure they don’t have to wait too long for them… And also spending time with my little boy before he grows up even more! But I am taking an hour out today to show you a glimpse of a recent wedding – I have many more images to show soon and if you want some more frequent updates don’t forget to check out my page on facebook for the occasional preview. Anyway, back to the most important thing – my lovely couples. I’ve had a great few months spending time with the best people. Millie and Alex are no exception. A gorgeous, kind and caring couple. They got married at Shilstone House in Devon and then had their reception on a beautiful farm on the edge of Dartmoor. We managed to get up on the moor for some pictures and we made friends with some wild horses too. I would love to tell you a bit more about their day, but I’m going to let the pictures do the talking – after showing you what Millie had to say when she saw her slideshow:


Yeeeeessshhhhhh!!!! Unbelievably amazing! Oh my gosh, you caught me totally off guard yesterday, having just travelled back from honeymoon and not having slept for 30 hours (emotional and vulnerable haha!) … I had just gone to bed and then got your email and then obviously had to look at them all with Alex and then couldn’t sleep again for hours because they all brought back so many brilliant memories! The wedding day had become a bit of a blur in my head but those photos capture every moment, laughs and tears. They really are so beautiful and we’re so grateful for them. It really feels as though there’s a lot of thought and care behind every single photo.”

So there you go. Let me know what YOU think x


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