islington town hall and lansdowne club wedding

//islington town hall and lansdowne club wedding

Hello blog-visitors! Apologies for the lack of full weddings over the last month or two – it’s that time of year I’m afraid where I am pretty much flat out shooting and editing :D there have been a lot of previews over on my facebook page, if you want to keep up with what I’m doing (including my cake-baking efforts…). However in an effort to redress the balance, I have a fantastic wedding for you today from the streets of London town back in March. Penny and Adam got married at Islington Town Hall and then had a fantastic party at the very lovely Lansdowne Club in Mayfair. It was my first time shooting at both places and I thoroughly enjoyed myself – helped enormously by the fact that Penny and Adam were so relaxed and focused on having fun. As were their friends and families in fact, so all in all it was a pretty awesome day! Spring was definitely in the air and we made use of the nice weather to grab some portraits in the streets nearby too. Oh and check out Adam’s extreme cake cutting skills!! I hope you enjoy this london wedding and hope you’re all having a lovely summer x

islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-001 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-003 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-004 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-005 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-006 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-007 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-008 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-009 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-010 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-011 islington-town-hall-wedding-photographs-012 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-013 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-014 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-015 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-016 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-017 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-018 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-019 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-020 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-021 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-022 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-023 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-024 lansdowne-club-wedding-photographs-025 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-001 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-002 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-003 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-005 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-006 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-007 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-008 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-011 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-012 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-013 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-014 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-015 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-016 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-017 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-018 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-019 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-020 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-021 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-022 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-023 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-024 lansdowne-club-wedding-photography-025

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Sam is a creative documentary wedding photographer based in Bristol and working throughout Somerset, the UK and abroad. His background is in documentary film making and he has years of experience of photographing weddings in a discreet and unobtrusive way.


  1. Steve Brill August 14, 2014 at 11:13 am - Reply

    Yet again a lovely set of images Sam. I particularly like the cake cutting sequence.

  2. Kelly September 16, 2014 at 6:11 am - Reply

    Love this Sam! What a very happy bride. Great work dude.

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