I love engagement shoots. They’re bloomin’ brilliant. What better way to spend an afternoon than exploring the countryside, making some cool pictures and flying a kite on a beach? Chia-hui and Nick were cuter than cute. The abandoned chapel where we started, up on the hill overlooking Abbotsbury, is actually where Nick proposed too. A bit of an epic backdrop I’m sure you’ll agree. Nick told me the story of how it all came about on our walk up the hill… I’ll leave the details out, but it involved an elaborate white lie, a geo-caching box and Chia-Hui obliviously telling Nick to stand up when he kept trying to kneel down. Brilliant! We wandered around on the hills for a while and said hello to the sheep, then hotfooted it down the hill, back to Abbotsbury and then on to the world famous Chesil beach. It was actually my first time at Chesil, I can’t believe I’ve never been there before. I honestly think I could have shot there all day long. Stunning views and scenery and the most gorgeous light. And then Fred the kite made an appearance and that was that really – a big yellow smiling kite says it all. What a lovely day – can’t wait for the wedding you two x

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