Hello folks! Feast your eyes on the preview from Annie and Nathan’s awesome wedding day this weekend at the lovely Curradine barns in Worcestershire. I’m not sure Annie and Nathan believed me when I told them that they were absolute naturals at the portrait stuff – but they were oblivious to me being there and were so wrapped up in one another, exactly what I love and look for in a portrait session. They were a total joy to work with. This was my first time shooting at Curradine Barns too – it was a really great place, the food was amazing (including the best scotch egg I’ve ever eaten in my life. EVER. Thanks Annie and Nathan!!) and the staff were friendly and welcoming, and St Mary’s Church in Shrawley, a short walk down the road (or an awkward run if you’re the last guest to arrive) was delightful too. I hope it’s not too long before I get to go back. This is just a little preview for now, enjoy!

curradine-barns-wedding-photos-001 curradine-barns-wedding-photos-002 curradine-barns-wedding-photos-003 curradine-barns-wedding-photos-004 curradine-barns-wedding-photos-005 curradine-barns-wedding-photos-006 curradine-barns-wedding-photos-007 curradine-barns-wedding-photos-008