Happy Easter everyone! This week’s Friday Finds comes all the way from a wedding at the Queen’s chapel in Windsor. This image was taken in the morning while Emma was getting ready. If people are ever doubtful about having photographs during the preparations I explain that even if they don’t display the pictures immediately, it’s not only good to have it recorded (you might not find it interesting, but I bet your future children or grandchildren will) but it’s also a great opportunity to get used to me being around. It means when all the important stuff happens later on, I’m already just a part of the furniture.

So this was taken while Emma was having her make-up done. I will often frame photographs using people or objects. It’s a natural way to create a frame within the image and draws your eye into the subject of the image. It also feels more like you’re there when you’re looking at it, which for me is a key part of what I aim for with my photography. It can have other benefits though – people don’t instinctively react as they may not realise you’re actually taking a photograph of them. In this case, I caught Emma’s brother and his wife looking on while she is getting ready. They are both oblivious to the camera and so their poses and expressions are completely natural.

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