I had a great time with Jon and Rachel. And I think they enjoyed it too. In fact, Rachel said it made her feel like a rockstar. Never a bad thing on a Sunday afternoon! Someone asked me the other day whether I thought it was necessary to have an engagement shoot before your wedding, whether it helped for the photography on the day. I said no.

If you choose a good wedding photographer, then they’ll put you at ease quickly on the wedding day whether you’ve had an engagement shoot or not… I think you should have an engagement shoot because it’s great fun and you end up with some amazing portraits of yourself at a time in your life that you will always look back on. I also think that it’s important that an engagement shoot means something to you, is relevant in some way. Jon, Rachel and I spent a few hours following the light around Bristol, picking out some places that they knew and loved. And we ended it with a dazzling sunset. I’m not sure it gets any better than this really. I hope you like them.