Back in November, Claire and Jonny got married at St Francis Church in Bristol and then had their reception on the ss Great Britain. For anyone who doesn’t know, the ss Great Britain was a pioneering ship launched in Bristol in 1843. Conceived by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, she travelled thirty-two times around the world and covered nearly one million miles at sea. Got that? Jolly good, history lesson over.

So, it was a crisp, late autumn day and I remember thinking how beautiful the church looked in the low winter sun. The light inside was exactly what I always dream of. It’s a really lovely church and has plenty of space to move around discreetly, exactly what I love for my documentary wedding photography approach. The ceremony was beautiful and everyone joined in with the hymns, I think in large part due to the vicar threatening to single out anyone who didn’t sing loudly enough… An unusual approach but it had its merits.

After the ceremony we dashed over to the SS Great Britain to catch the last of the dusk light on the top deck, then it was down into the ship for champagne, canapes and eventually a meal and some very amusing speeches. It was a lovely evening and the night was finished off by a great band and much dancing. What more could you ask for? Congratulations to Claire and Jonny on a wonderful day.