As I wake up, slightly bleary eyed, I can confidently say that 2011 was quite a year. Over the last 365 days there were:

  • Approximately 60,000 images shot
  • 48 mars bars consumed
  • Roughly 64 speeches heard (and enjoyed)
  • 6 cupcakes eaten (when offered)
  • So many cans of coca cola drank that I can’t even count them
  • 1 pair of smart shoes forgotten (thanks Mrs Gibson :))
  • 8 weather forecasts proven wrong
  • 1,500 miles driven

It’s been an amazing year for me in many ways. The launch of this site, the start of my blog and the opportunity to meet so many wonderful people. I’d like to thank all the husbands and wives and their friends and families who’ve worked with me. For putting their trust in me, for welcoming me on such a special day in their lives and for their lovely comments afterwards. Amazingly, 2012 is already twice as busy as 2011 was this time last year.

To try and show you what it’s been like, here are some of my favourite images from the year. Some are from weddings I’ve already blogged, some are brand new. I hope you like them and I hope you all have a fantastic 2012…